St. John’s Episcopal Church – Troy New York

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St. John’s Episcopal Church, Troy became a member of the Haiti Partnership in 1986 at the beginning of Bishop Jean Duracin Program. The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti established the Partnership Program to foster connections between churches in the United States with churches in Haiti. Assigned the Church of the Holy Spirit in Lascahobas our initial projects focused on education. We have paid teachers’ salaries, provided schoolroom equipment, and helped to build school buildings. We exchanged letters and prayers.
Through the years there have been political disruptions sometimes making it difficult to visit, but we have persevered, staying in touch with our partner. The devastation of the January 2010 quake again put our friends in peril. Hurricanes and now a cholera outbreak have created great needs. The staffs of the church and school have been hard pressed to solve the growing  problems of the refugees. Through this partnership the mission has developed into so much more as we have established long tern friendships with the people of Holy Spirit. The school at
Holy Spirit has now grown to serve more than 495 students. Pere Milor Medela, the parish priest, also serves 5 mission churches in and around Lascahobas.
Mission Statement: To be a witness for Jesus Christ from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.
Current Projects: Our mission to Holy Spirit has several goals. We must continue to support education but have found that the school feeding program is also important. We supported the addition of reliable power at the site with the installation of solar equipment but the problems of the January 2010 earthquake continue to affect Lascahobas.  Refuges, food shortages, and the need for secure housing will continue to plague these people who have so little. Recent meetings with the parish priest have identified the need to expand the school and repair damage of the quake.
Long Term Goals: Our mission has always been based on friendship and continues to share our witness of Jesus Christ. Most important is our prayers and encouragement. In a practical sense, we will collect classroom supplies which we send at the beginning of the school year.
Financially, we need contributions toward repairs to the school complex. We will continue to work with the parish to identify other needs. Our next trip is planned for February when we will join with To Love a Child and the two other churches of the Haiti Mission Team.
If you would like to contribute, your check should be made out to St. John’s Episcopal Church with a memo note – Haiti Fund.
Contact Us: St. John’s Episcopal Church, 146 First Street. Troy, New York 12180
Phone: 518-274-588, Linda Stevens, Mission Committee Chair