St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – Albany New York

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St. Andrew’s Haiti Mission

History: St. Andrew’s Haiti Mission project is a partnership between St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Albany and the parish communities supported by The Church of the Holy Spirit, Lascahobas, Haiti and in particular to the parish of Christ the King and the school of St. Jacques in Lahoye. It brings together two communities of God’s people. We do many things together in Christ’s name, but most of all we come together to grow in unity with one another and with Christ.

Mission Statement: Affirming God’s Grace. Open and growing in heart, mind, and spirit. Called to love and serve all in Jesus’ name

Current Projects: In 2010-11 we launched $1 A DAY FOR HAITI campaign to raise money to assist the people of Christ the King parish and the community of Lahoye, Haiti. Donations will help bring clean water, medical clinics and meals to the students and families of St. Jacque’s school. Learn more about the project by visiting our website at

Long Term Goals: The Mission Team determined that based on the ever-changing economic, health and environmental conditions and our still growing experience with mission development in Haiti, that we should look to accomplish tasks that first support the daily operation and functioning of the St. Jacques School, its staff and students and their families in Lahoye and Haiti’s Central Plateau. These include United Nations Millennium goals of providing clean water, proper nutrition, gainful employment, and stable housing.

At the same time, we continue to develop and raise funds for our long-term objectives that include supporting the construction of a permanent school and church.

We work to expand our existing relationships and develop ones with Organizations/People in Haiti – This has become a significant resource as we move forward. These groups are helping to provide planning, technical assistance, additional funds and/or supplies among others. This would include the Diocese of Haiti, Partners in Health, Project Medishare, World Vision, and Rotary International. We believe a significant amount of resources will be going to the Central Plateau with the goal of developing self-sustaining communities. Our goal is to coordinate with these agencies and assist the people of the Christ the King parish and the community of Lahoye.

Contact Us: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church -10 North Main Avenue – Albany, New York 12203
Phone: (518) 489-4747 Visit our mission website at