The Clean Water Project 2011-12

The need for a clean water supply is perhaps Haiti’s greatest need.

Haiti’s coverage levels in urban and rural areas are the lowest in the hemisphere for both water supply and sanitation. Sewer systems and wastewater treatment are nonexistent.

The major sources of illness and death of children in Haiti are preventable. A major objective is to improve the health of the children. The major cause of illness and death for younger children is water- borne disease. This can be reduced by 90% by a combination of pure water and hygiene education. We are working with our partners to implement a inexpensive short-term solutions to reduce the water – borne disease.

It’s our dream to see all Haitian families having access to clean water, but we know we can’t do it on our own.

We are currently looking to partner with local groups on the ground in Haiti that have a track record of success with well and water systems.


Over the past 18 months, Haiti has been rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that claimed over 300,000 lives, brushed by a hurricane, and continues to live through a cholera epidemic that effected over 200,000 and killed almost 4,000.
The Empire Haiti Coalition (EHC) is a group of not-for-profits, churches, businesses and academics that have partnered with six church-schools in the plateau region of Haiti.  The objective of the partnership is to support our Haitian neighbors with education, water, nutrient, health, and other basic living needs.

To combat the lack of potable drinking water at the partnership locations, the EHC has adopted a mission to provide a dependable water supply by the end of 2011.  Each location will have an individual water project implemented to serve the specific needs of the community.  Hundreds of families and thousands of individuals will be served by these water projects.  Each system will have a solar-powered filtration system installed to remove any bacterial contamination such as cholera.

Contributing Organizations

Cathedral of All Saints, Albany                                         Engineers for a Sustainable World-RPI
Engineers without Borders                                               General Electric
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy               The St. Andrew’s Society
St. Andrew’s Church, Albany                                           St. George’s Church, Clifton Park
St. John’s Church, Troy                                                    To Love a Child, Ballston Lake