The Next Mission to Haiti

The next mission trip to Haiti will be from August 8th to the 15th.

The cameras and TV stations have left and the earthquake is a distant memory to those outside of the country but for the Haitian people their lives are still a nightmare. They are so many that live in tents and face the barrage of heavy rains and winds that make their lives miserable. Further, prior to the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 not one single case of Cholera had been seen in the country for over a century. By March of 2011 some 4,672 people had died and another 252,640 cases had been reported. The United Nations projected that the total number infected would likely rise to 400,000 but researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, say this is a gross underestimate. They believe the toll could reach 779,000, with 11,100 deaths by the end of November 2011. Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, needs our help NOW to bring clean water to its people. The Empire Haiti Coalition (EHC) consisting of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, St. George’s Episcopal Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church and To Love a Child, Inc. form a local partnership that assists four communities on the Central Plateau of Haiti reaching well over 1,000 children and touching the lives of thousands of other adults.

To combat the lack of potable drinking water at the partnership locations, the EHC has adopted a mission to provide a dependable water supply by the end of 2011. Each location will have an individual water project implemented to serve the specific needs of the community. Each system will also include a solar-powered filtration system to remove any bacterial contamination such as cholera.

Besides reporting on the water issue we will visit two orphanages. We have solar projects that can offer great stories as well as maternal health issues, the need for medical care and the construction of schools, churches and sanitation systems.

Please let me know if you know of anyone that might want a great story. We need to book our trip very soon so we need to reach out today…..

Thanks, Cindy

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